Waste Water Treatment

Custom designed to meet specific project requirements; GWT’s wastewater solutions are engineered to satisfy stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements in respect of sustainability, protection of the environment and public health.

GWT employs a range of technologies with the emphasis on providing plants that can operate to the required standards for the lowest capital and operational costs. This, combined with flexible contract and finance arrangements, makes GWT’s wastewater solutions an attractive option to both local government entities and also to private developers who need to provide treatment plant capacity.

Solutions are proven repeatedly both to build a completely new system as well System argumentation to meet the increased waste generation.

    • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
    • Industrial Waste Water Treatment System (ETP)
    • Poultry & Dairy Waste Water Treatment plant
    • Grey Water Treatment Plant
    • Vehicle Wash Water Treatment Plant
    • Laundry Waste water Treatment Plant
    • Sludge Treatment System
    • Odour Control System

GWT has no exclusive alignments with any wastewater technology or technology provider, enabling selection based on the best suited technology, resulting in optimal solutions with least CAPEX & OPEX,

We choose Process from very conventional to the most advanced

    • Activated Sludge Process
    • Biofilm Reactors
    • Membrane Technologies
    • Physicochemical Treatment


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