Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor is an advanced biological process for treating waste water and is highly efficient in removing organics and nutrients from waste water. MBBR utilizes the advantages of both the suspended growth process and attached growth process without the negative effects of either.

Systems based on MBBR has BioCarrier filled in the reaction tanks that acts as a protected housing for the microorganisms to grow and act on the waste water. These media has large surface areas and hence makes it possible to harbor immense amounts of microbial biomass with in minimum volume. This inturn helps in reducing the volume required for treatment. With the addition of BioCarriers, and providing the right environment it is possible to have a large amount of specialized active microbial culture in the process tanks, which eliminates the requirement for recycle of sludge to the process tanks. With this it is possible to have multiple streams of specialized organisms in series such as Nitrifiers, De-nitrifiers, BOD consuming organisms etc.

GWT’s Water treatment Professionals have perfected the MBBR system to have the lowest volume required for treatment at the same time keeping the sludge production at the minimum and with having very low operation and maintenance cost.

These advancements have been possible due to the diverse team of water processionals with in GWT. The below are some of the main advantages of our MBBR Systems:

    • Grey water treatment
    • Final polishing filter for Sewage and industrial effluent treatment plant
    • Drinking water systems
    • Surface water treatment
    • Groundwater filtration
    • Industrial water treatment
    • Backwash water filtration

The process configuration designed for BOD removal only is a once-through design, with 1 to 2 process stages in series. The number of stages is determined according to the required effluent quality. Wastewater enters the reactor, and effluent exits the reactor to a solids separation unit such as a clarifier, a DAF unit, media filtration, etc. In this configuration, there is no sludge recycle to the aeration tank, and all of the biological activity takes place in the bio-film on the carriers.

When Nitrogen removal is also required, the process will include a larger number of process stages, and an internal circulation of nitrified effluent to a pre-denitrification basin, but other than this, there is no sludge recycle from the solids separation unit.

The MBBR configuration is extremely well suited for a wide range of applications: from pre-treatment of RBC of industrial wastewater in order to cut down the organic load, to full treatment of municipal wastewater to the most stringent effluent requirements, as a stand alone solution Applications

    • Sewage treatment
    • Food and Beverage
    • industries Paper
    • industries Poultry
    • Farm Dairy Industry


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