Effective asset management commences with having clarity around the goals, objectives and desired service levels for a particular asset/plant. This is then used to develop a comprehensive asset management approach that incorporates a preventative and corrective maintenance regime with appropriate ‘triggers’ for asset replacement in the medium to long term.

GWT’s primary asset management tool is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) which is used for life cycle maintenance planning, including preventative maintenance, asset replacement planning and recording of unscheduled repair, breakdowns, inspection and calibration data. It is also used to help prepare the list of critical and operational spares required to ensure that plant availability requirements are met throughout the operational life of the asset.

The benefits of GWT operating your plant:

    • Customised approach to suit your needs, internal capability and risk profile
    • Optimized plant reliability and performance
    • Minimized energy and chemical consumption
    • Reduced brine discharge
    • Optimized asset management with minimum whole of life cost
    • Industry leading safety and environmental performance
    • In-house process troubleshooting and reporting capability

24/7 Monitoring Via Plantconnect GWT operates a 24 hour fully manned Control Centre, providing a complete plant monitoring and control solution utilising proprietary PlantConnect software. This means that clients’ plants are constantly monitored across the globe.
Real time performance data from plants controlled through the Centre is consolidated and used to manage maintenance scheduling and to optimise overall management of the asset. The Control Centre team uses this data to control product water quality and quantity, operational set points and plant status. This allows action to be taken immediately to alter critical parameters and mitigate the risk of noncompliant plant performance or unnecessary shut down.

Further, real time data can be trended on an ongoing basis and reviewed by specialist process engineers who understand the anomalies of treatment plant and membrane performance. This allows the plant to be operated in a mode that optimises long term cost of ownership.


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